The new production capacity of the plant is 100 MW per year with a new generation of silicon cells.


We are pleased to announce that we have completed the modernization of our equipment at our factory - New-Tek LLC. Installation of a new stringer will allow our company to start production of photovoltaic solar modules of a new generation:

- modules with power up to 325w using 60 cells with 5/6 bus-bars;
- modules with a capacity of up to 385w using 72 cells with 5/6 bus-bars.

Increasing the capacity of photovoltaic modules while maintaining their previous size allows our customers and customers to get more power from the same area, which effectively saves the cost of space for installing solar modules. This is especially true for countries where the cost of land/real estate is very high. The use of cells with a large number of current-collecting buses not only increased the power of the photovoltaic module, but also reduced the heating of silicon wafers during operation, which significantly reduced the level of degradation, and therefore increased the resource of the module itself.

In addition to these new product qualities, we are also pleased to announce that the total production capacity of our plant has increased to 100MW per year. This amount of productive capacity will allow us to offer our products to customers of industrial solar plants from 50MW to 100MW or more.

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